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We’re one of Zambia’s top financial institutions and have been making life easy with our fast, simple loans since 2006. We currently have 39 branches across the country.

our purpose

We’re redefining personal credit with innovations that will make life easy for 1 million clients by 2025.

We’re making life easy

We assist people in a way that they might not have expected from a lender and that makes them go: “Wow, that was easy!”. Our products help people to achieve even more, and to move forward despite life’s setbacks.

We’re redefining personal credit

We use word-class data analytics and tech to offer credit that looks and acts unlike any other similar product in the markets where we operate.

We move fast, but tread lightly

We move forward fast to pioneer ideas and deliver outstanding products to previously under-served clients. But we tread lightly, and the footprints we leave behind help the people whose lives we touch to achieve even more.

our products and services

Zako Loans

A simple, short-term cash loan that is repaid after one month to help you get by until your next payday. "Zako" means "yours" - It's your loan for your emergency and is tailored to your unique profile. It’s credit when you need it most! Formally employed persons in the government and private sectors could qualify for our Zako Loans. To apply, simply visit your nearest branch with your NRC, latest payslip and latest bank statement, or dial *414# to find out more.

  • Fast, easy application in as quick as 20 minutes
  • Instant cash
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible repayments
loan conditions
Short- and longer- term personal loans

Reward Loans

We like to reward our clients! The Unifi Reward Loan is a special offer for loyal clients that have good credit scores with us. It’s a higher amount at a lower interest rate and has a term of up to 7 months.

The Uniapp

The Uniapp is like a Unifi branch in your pocket and lets you enjoy our services anywhere, anytime. Simply dial *414# to check your balance, find your nearest branch, reloan, pay, enter our latest competitions and more from the comfort of your home or office.
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our values


Our purpose unites us. We share our ideas and knowledge and celebrate achievement as a group effort. Because together, we can do more.


We see the humans behind the numbers and treat our clients, colleagues and stakeholders with respect and dignity.


We offer credit that makes life easy when there’s an emergency, rather than add to the stress. Our products are easy to get and to understand.


We are transparent and credible. Our clients, partners and stakeholders can trust that we’ll do the right thing and that we’ll do things right.


Mwansa Chama - Call Center

Mwansa Chama

Call Center

Being part of this wonderful and exciting company has been a beautiful journey. I have had wonderful experiences throughout my stay thus far and have learnt memorable lessons.

Nyauka Ntambu - Operations

Nyauka Ntambu


Our great service to our clients and our caring culture is based on a sense of community mindfulness, and our village concept promotes wellness. We put our values at the forefront of everything we do, respect everyone that walks through our doors, and make sure they go back with a smile. Life made easy.

Kumoyo Mulasikwanda - Operations

Kumoyo Mulasikwanda


Working for Unifi is exciting and motivating at the same time.