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How a Unifi personal loan can help make life easy
29 January 2021
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How a Unifi personal loan can help make life easy

Life is unpredictable and your circumstances can change in an instant. While it’s always a good idea to have emergency savings, a personal loan can help you get through a tough time that you simply didn’t see coming.

A “traditional” personal loan isn’t always fast or simple to get when you need cash in an emergency. When it comes to applying for most personal loans, the odds are you’ll have to stand in line, fill out lots of paperwork and possibly wait for days to hear whether you can get your loan. But that’s not the case when you apply for a Unifi personal loan!

Unifi has made the personal loan application process as fast and simple as possible. Everything happens online:

  • Go to unifi.credit
  • Sign up and complete our quick personal loan application in 5 minutes
  • Get your answer immediately
  • If you qualify, you’ll get your personal loan on the same day

Our personal loans are small, simple and affordable. You can apply for a loan up to R5000 and we make it even more stress-free by offering you a flexible 6-months repayment term.

Another benefit of our personal loans is that you can apply anytime, anywhere. Especially now that most of us are trying to stick to social distancing protocols and choosing to stay at home, it’s a great benefit to be able to get a personal loan without the queues, crowds or face-to-face meetings. So, whether you need a personal loan today or on a rainy day, remember that we’re here 24/7 when you need fast financial help.

Simply click here to apply for a personal loan.