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How fast can I get a personal loan?

How fast you can get a personal loan depends on where and how you apply. The more traditional way of applying for a loan is to physically go into a bank. How it works is that you can either make a face-to-face appointment, or walk in and wait in line. Then, you fill out a personal loan application form and submit hard copies of your proof of income. Once your application is complete, you wait to hear whether it’s been approved. This can take anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. And it’s not to say that you’ll immediately have access to the funds if it’s a yes from the bank. Yep, definitely not the fast way to get a personal loan!

The fastest way to get a personal loan

Luckily, there are ways to get a personal loan much faster. In fact, at Unifi we don’t just make it fast, we make it instant. We understand that when something unexpected happens, for example if you need medical care asap, you need access to funds immediately. That’s why we’ve cut the waiting time. Everything happens online, so there’s no need to travel to a branch or make an appointment. You apply from anywhere at a time that works for you.

How to get a fast personal loan

How our instant loan application works is that you simply login at www.unifi.credit and fill out an electronic application form. Instead of the schlep of having documents scanned and verified, you can share your proof of income with us directly and safely online through our partner truID. Our smart system immediately processes your application and we let you know within seconds whether your personal loan application has been approved. If it has, we have the tech to pay out your loan instantly and you have access to the funds in your bank account immediately. It’s just click and you have money in the bank. Can’t get much faster than that!