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Redefining Personal Credit Across Africa
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Redefining Personal Credit Across Africa

As a fast-growing personal lending group, Unifi Africa has big plans to disrupt credit services across Africa. We are already active in four countries, and we are on track to hitting our target of making life easy for one million customers by 2025.

Unifi’s mission is to give access to simple, affordable credit in underserved markets. Around half a billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to various financial services. Our services potentially bring a lifeline for many in the region who lack access to traditional banking and credit facilities.

“We’re excited to bring our innovative lending solutions to Africa’s growing market in 2023 and beyond,” said Michiel le Roux, CEO of Unifi.

Fast, easy and intelligent solutions

With a focus on easy, fast, and intelligent lending solutions, Unifi is among the tech-powered financial pioneers. We serve previously overlooked areas and populations with rapidly scalable, digitally enabled credit solutions.

As we continue our scaling journey, Unifi is expanding our innovative approach to personal credit across Africa.

2022 marked significant milestones for the group. We doubled our customer base in South Africa and achieved major growth in Zambia, where there are currently 38 Unifi branches.

Unifi also established our second startup, Unifi Kenya, after launching Unifi Uganda in 2021.

“Currently, we’re looking forward to the imminent launch of our 50th brick-and-mortar branch,” says Le Roux.

What makes us different

With features like the ability to use a USSD app to get a loan, real-time pay-outs, and quick, paperless applications at our branches, Unifi’s prime differentiator is speed and simplicity.

This, together with a unique touch-and-tech approach that combines personalised customer service with convenient online and mobile lending platforms, is what sets Unifi apart from similar products out there.

“We constantly update and improve our tech solutions through iterative refinement. We’ve started with one core product – small, short-term personal loans – and have been focusing on delivering it well by combining tech, data analytics and outstanding customer service. We’re excited to see that we’re onto something, that our customers are really responding to it,” says Le Roux.

Clients love the convenience of our loans.

We’ve managed to put down smart technologies in tech-poor, rural areas, and gain data insights in data-poor markets – those are achievements we are immensely proud of. You can read more about our products here.