I got a Zako loan, when do I pay it back?

Stephne De Villiers

A Zako loan is repaid when you get your next month’s salary. But we’re flexible! You can choose to make a minimum payment that equals the interest or more and then transfer the balance to the next month.

Can I make a part payment?

Bevan Knott

Yes, you can make a part payment and transfer the balance. To make a part payment, dial *414#, or visit your nearest Unifi branch.

How do I qualify for a top up?

Stephne De Villiers

You could qualify for a top up at any time, depending on whether you can afford to borrow more. Dial *414#, Whatsapp us on +260971260080 or visit your nearest branch to see if you qualify at this time.

Do I need to visit the branch to get a loan?

Stephne De Villiers

You only need to visit a branch when it’s your first time applying for a loan from Unifi. Thereafter, you can use your phone: Dial *414# for the Uniapp or Whatsapp us on +260971260080 to apply for a loan.

How will I get my K100 when I refer a client?


It’s simple, just ask the new client you have referred to give your contact number or National ID to the consultant processing the loan. You can then come and collect your K100 from any of our branches at a time that suits you.

What is a balance transfer?

Stephne De Villiers

A balance transfer means that you roll over your loan to the following month. To do a balance transfer you will need to make the minimum payment that’s due on your current loan. Simply dial *414#, Whatsapp us on +260971260080 or visit any Unifi branch to apply for a balance transfer.