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How to apply for a loan without security

When something unexpected happens and you need extra cash, you may be looking around for a loan. Unifi is making life easy with a fast, simple loans without security. Our loans are stress-free, offering a flexible repayment term and fair interest rates, and don’t require collateral. Here’s how you can apply for one of our loans:

1. Make sure you qualify for a Unifi loan

If you’re formally employed, have a bank account into which your salary is paid and get payslips, you could qualify for a loan without security.  

2. Visit your nearest Unifi branch with the necessary documents

To apply for a loan, simply take your National ID document, one month’s latest payslip and one month’s latest bank statement to your nearest branch. Find your nearest branch here.

3. Complete a quick loan application

At Unifi we make getting a loan easy and we don’t have lots of paperwork for you to fill out. Our friendly consultants do all the work for you: They’ll capture your details on our computer system, and take your photo and fingerprints to keep both you and Unifi safe from fraud. If you have all of your documents in order and we’re able to verify your employment details quickly, your loan application could be done in 20 minutes.

3. Walk out with cash if your loan application is successful

If your loan application is successful, you’ll get cash in hand.

You could apply for future loans without security on your phone.

Once you’re a customer, you can apply for your future loans on your phone by dialing *282#. Easy!

Click here to get in touch or find your nearest branch.